Don’t gamble on another lead gen agency — let Opes help you generate sales meetings, build predictable pipeline, increase sales conversions and crush financial forecasts.


IT's time to do it different

We come in as a revenue growth partner for your business. Helping you grow without the need to hire internal teams or spend thousands on ads.

Not only do we build outbound marketing systems to fill your calendar with qualified leads...

…but we’ll help optimise your entire sales process & position your business in the market to stand out from the crowd.

BUT We're not for everyone

This is not for recruitment & search businesses that do not have happy customers. The method outlined will not work. If you are in this category, focusing on fulfilment before scaling.

  • This is for established recruitment & executive search firms that want to add £1m in new revenue in the next 12 months

  • If you're tired of the "feast & famine" cycle of relying on networking and referrals

  • ​If you deliver outstanding results but you’re still losing pitches to companies with worse services.

  • ​​​If you’re looking to expand your operations but you don’t feel confident without predictable revenue every month.

  • This is for people wanting to form long-lasting relationships.

  • If you’re worried about cashflow and keeping your sales pipeline full.

  • I​f you’ve tried outreach before but never got it to work and think cold email is dead!

  • ​If you’re giving all you can but not getting the ROI you are putting in.

  • ​If you’re tired of your team not moving at the speed you want to hit your projected targets.

  • ​If you’re sick of burning money on agencies who overcharge, over promise and underdeliver.

Backed By Our 2x ROI Guarantee

When Working together

​Increased revenue and profits in 2-3 months

​​New sales and marketing assets that enable you to scale whilst reducing dependency on you, freeing you up to focus on priority tasks.

​A proven growth strategy that accumulates free cash flow without guesswork and wasting time and money.

​​Increased enterprise value in preparation for any financial event coming up.

​A system that finds and converts your dream prospects into clients

The ability to never compete as a commodity against competitors with an inferior service to yours ever again.

11 to 22 monthly qualified new business opportunities in 3 months.

Backed By Our 2x ROI Guarantee

The opes growth methodology

Go To Market Strategy

Standing out in a sea of recruitment firms comes down to building a highly-profitable offer with sales and marketing assets that your dream prospects love. Making you one of one in the market.

Education Based Marketing

At this point every company founder has received marketing from a recruiter trying to sell. We build a value first outbound marketing system to initiate conversations and built long term rapport with ideal prospects before moving them through our sales process.

Market Omnipresence

A recruitment decision often comes down to timing. So even with the worlds greatest offer, if the timings off you won't convert. Our market omnipresence eco system will keep you top of mind for when it is the right time to hire.

Sales Development & Collaboration

Focused on delivering a consistent stream of sales qualified leads and installing our proven 3 step sales process to maximise every prospect that enters the funnel.

Backed By Our 2x ROI Guarantee

fully backed by our

As we are completely confident in the results our growth plan will produce, we are offering a 200% ROI guarantee. This means that if you do not earn AT LEAST 2x your initial investment, we will work for free.


How do you guarantee results?

We work exclusively with one new partner each month. We are highly selective with the clients we work with, and only collaborate with companies we KNOW we can deliver for.

How do you grow your business whilst growing ours?

1. Your growth is our growth. This is how our client partners are positioned.

2. We’ve invested in the world's best operations and marketing resources to support us.

I thought email marketing was dead?

Most recruiters have tried cold emailing before and say the same thing. But email marketing is still extremely effective for client acquisition when done right. It’s low-cost, predictable, and hyper-targeted. Email is more effective than ever at generating new opportunities. You just need to know how to do it and how to capture attention.

What do you need from us?

Simple and low investment of your time.

➤ 0-2 months: Interview your current clients, collate information on your target clients, create an offer overview (how it works and any unique elements) and engage in closing new business.

➤ 3 months onwards: Engage with your team appropriately to close new business.

What does the working relationship look like?

We learn, complete the work, and collaborate with your team to impart knowledge whilst retaining our accountability as partners in delivering results. 

We will assist you in building and expanding your business in exchange for a slice of the success.

How much of your time do we get?

As long as necessary to achieve the desired results. 

We are fully invested in your success and will successfully complete all task without any excuses. We are partners.

How involved are you in the closure process?

We work together on this until the process is systemised, at which point we will build a killer team with you and improve results through tracking, auditing, training and coaching.

Backed By Our 2x ROI Guarantee

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